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Update /jeodpp-text-terminal-service/screenrc-complex

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#This screenrc file is derived from
# the following two lines give a two-line status, with the current window highlighted
hardstatus alwayslastline
#hardstatus string '%{= kG}[%{G}%H%? %1`%?%{g}][%= %{= kw}%-w%{+b yk} %n*%t%?(%u)%? %{-}%+w %=%{g}][%{B}%m/%d %{W}%C%A%{g}]'
hardstatus string '%{= kG}[%{G}%H%? %1`%?%{g}][%= %{= kw}%-w%{+b yk} %n*%t%?(%u)%? %{-}%+w %=%{g}][%{B}%D %d/%m %{W}%c%{g}]'
# huge scrollback buffer
defscrollback 5000
# no welcome message
startup_message off
#Replaces Ctrl-A with Ctrl-]
escape ^]^]
# 256 colors
attrcolor b ".I"
termcapinfo xterm 'Co#256:AB=\E[48;5;%dm:AF=\E[38;5;%dm'
defbce on
# mouse tracking allows to switch region focus by clicking
#mousetrack on
#clear display after using software such as vi
altscreen on
#visual bell instead of audible bell
vbell on
#use utf-8
defutf8 on
#detach on hangup
autodetach on
# default windows
screen -t Shell1 1 bash
screen -t Shell2 2 bash
screen -t Shell3 3 bash
select 0
bind c screen 1 # window numbering starts at 1 not 0
bind 0 select 10
# get rid of silly xoff stuff
bind s split
# layouts
layout autosave on
layout new one
select 1
layout new 2cols
select 1
split -v
focus right
select 2
focus left
layout new 1left-2right
select 1
split -v
resize -h 60%
focus right
select 2
resize -v 70%
focus down
select 3
focus left
#default layout: 2 columns and right column split in two windows
layout attach 1left-2right
layout select 1left-2right
# navigating regions with Alt-arrows
bindkey "^[^[[D" focus left
bindkey "^[^[[C" focus right
bindkey "^[^[[A" focus up
bindkey "^[^[[B" focus down
# switch windows with F9 (prev) and F10 (next)
bindkey "^[[20~" prev
bindkey "^[[21~" next
# switch layouts with F11 (prev layout) and F12 (next)
bindkey "^[[22~" layout prev
bindkey "^[[23~" layout next
# Alt-F11 puts Screen into resize mode. Resize regions using hjkl keys.
bindkey "^[^[[22~" eval "command -c rsz" # enter resize mode
# use hjkl keys to resize regions
bind -c rsz h eval "resize -h -5" "command -c rsz"
bind -c rsz j eval "resize -v -5" "command -c rsz"
bind -c rsz k eval "resize -v +5" "command -c rsz"
bind -c rsz l eval "resize -h +5" "command -c rsz"
# while in resize mode, quickly switch between regions using tab and arrows
bind -c rsz \t eval "focus" "command -c rsz" # Tab
bind -c rsz -k kl eval "focus left" "command -c rsz" # Left
bind -c rsz -k kr eval "focus right" "command -c rsz" # Right
bind -c rsz -k ku eval "focus up" "command -c rsz" # Up
bind -c rsz -k kd eval "focus down" "command -c rsz" # Down
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