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Geo-spatial browsing

Collections Explorer

Interactively explore the geo-spatial datasets available inside the JEO-lab environment. Easily compare datasets and acccess specific Copernicus explorers
Mapping JRC Knowledge

Pubsy dashboard

Mine JRC areas of work from Pubsy data using a semantic-enriched search approach based on SeTA. Created by units A.5, B.6 and I.3
Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker

Government response to Covid-19

Map policy responses from governments on containment and closure, economy, health system and vaccination
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Other dashboards

Covid-19 in Italian provinces

Map the evolution in time of the confirmed cases in Italian provinces

Data accessed on-the-fly from Protezione Civile github repository

Gender Equality Index

Experimental dashboard to browse Gender Equality data

Data accessed from EIGE - European Institute for Gender Equality

NDVI plots on custom polygons

Easily calculate NDVI profile from Sentinel2 images for any polygon in geojson format and visualize imagettes and frequency distribution

Sentinel-2 explorer

Interactively browse the full collection of Sentinel-2 products

Experiment band combinations and on-the-fly indexes calculation

EUCROPMAP dataset display and query

Prototype dashboard to display and summarize the European parcel level crop type map based on Sentinel1 and LUCAS Copernicus in-situ observations for the year 2018, created by JRC unit D.5